Our lab welcomes scientists from all backgrounds regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic background, or other historically marginalized groups. We strive to foster an inclusive lab environment where black, brown, and underrepresented scientists will thrive in. We celebrate diversity and its power to drive the creativity needed to make innovative scientific discoveries.


James Nuñez, PhD

Principal Investigator

James is an Assistant Professor in the Molecular and Cell Biology Department at UC Berkeley, a Hanna Gray Fellow of HHMI, and an Investigator of the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub. Previously, he was a postdoc fellow with Jonathan Weissman at UCSF and earned his PhD at UC Berkeley in Jennifer Doudna's lab. James is interested in all things CRISPR and chromatin biology. Outside the lab, you will likely find James on a tennis court or outdoors on his bike or hiking boots.

contact: jamesnunez[at]berkeley.edu

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    Nikita Divekar, PhD


    Nikita earned her PhD from Northwestern University.

    contact: nsd178[at]berkeley.edu



        Scarleth Chalen Ulloa

        Research Assistant

        Scarleth earned her bachelor's degree at the University of San Francisco.

        contact: scarleth[at]berkeley.edu


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            Rithu Pattali

            MCB Graduate Student

            Rithu is a first year PhD student in the Molecular and Cell Biology Department, joint with Jennifer Doudna.


            contact: rithupattali[at]berkeley.edu


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              Izaiah Ornelas

              MCB Graduate Student

              Izaiah is a first year PhD student in the Molecular and Cell Biology Department.

              contact: izaiah_ornelas[at]berkeley.edu




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                Eric Bass

                Undergraduate Student

                Eric is a rising junior studying Business Administration and MCB with an emphasis in biochemistry and molecular biology.

                contact: ericbass[at]berkeley.edu




                    Postdoc • Graduate Student • Research Assistant • Undergraduate Student • Visiting Scholar

                    We are building our young lab and recruiting new members! We accept graduate students from the Molecular and Cell Biology PhD program. Postdocs, research assistants, undergraduate students, and visiting scholars should reach out to James: jamesnunez [at] berkeley [dot] edu


                        Former Rotation Students

                        Former Undergraduate Students

                        Anatori Prieto, Ted Llera (McNair Scholar), Paulina Rios (Amgen Scholar), Michelle Adutwum (UCSF SSRP/CIRM Scholar)

                        Maria Torres-Colon, Anna Horacek, Kevin Wasko, Sergio Mares, Michael Young